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Success in the Empower Classroom

A success story from one of our Special Education Teachers, Miss Shaila:

Charlotte attends Empower's Children's Academy where she receives special education services - she also receives speech language, occupational, and physical therapy at our Academy.

Since joining our Academy, Charlotte's parents have been excited about her progress both in the classroom and at home! Her parents are both very involved in her education and development and have also gotten Charlotte a service coordinator to provide help with additional services to support their daughter.

The progress Charlotte has made in one year has been incredible to see! She has improved cognitively, socially, emotionally, and has improved her motor skills as well. Her happiness in the classroom has improved over the past year, and she has become much more exploratory and interactive in her programs. She enjoys exploring our playground and has recently begun to actually use the equipment - she now slides down the slide with help! She now enjoys playing ball and hula-hooping during gym class!

In class she is exceptional at matching colors and shapes and has developed a strong interest in exploring the many books we have to offer. She now attends group activities for much longer periods than when she started, and now enjoys playing with her peers - a testament to her social growth. She transitions well between her activities and is excited to receive her services! Charlotte's classroom team is incredibly proud of all her progress this year and are excited to see her continue to improve and grow!


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